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Welcome to the Retroist Ghostbusters Podcast. On today’s show I talk all about the smash comedy Ghostbusters. This movie was one of my favorites as a kid and I am happy to revisit on the podcast. I talk about the story, the casting, and the films success and release. Then I move on and talk about all the stuff it inspired off-screen. Video Games, Books, Comic Books, Cartoons, Cereal, I talk about it all.

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  1. OffisaPups

    Allow me to be an uber-dork for a moment and mention a fun little Ghostbuster tie in. You always wanted to be a Ghostbuster? Have a bunch of six sided dice laying around? Then you shoudl try the Ghostbuster RPG by West End Games.

    As always, great show Retroist!

  2. VicSage2005

    Agree with OffisaPups about the show, Retroist!

    I still have that Ghostbusters RPG and it is indeed a wonderful, and fun filled game. Any boxed set that gives you xerox copies of a Ghostbusters franchise form to be filled out just brings a smile to this geeks face. 🙂

    I was the game master for Ghostbusters during lunch in High-School for almost a year. Then we jumped over to DC Heroes game, also by West End gaming. Ah, glorious days they were.

  3. Mark

    Where did you get that version of “The House Is Haunted”?

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