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Welcome to the Retroist Gremlins Podcast. Today’s show is about the 1980s film classic, “Gremlins”. I start off talking about how terrifying seeing Gremlins was to me, but how it also became a great gateway horror film. Then I discuss the origin and history of the gremlin. How the movie got created. Its far reaching effect on movies and pop culture and much more. This episode was supposed to have a segment by a projectionist I hired to run the Retroist theater. But for the life of me, I have not been able to find him anywhere.

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  1. Jonathan

    Love it man. Another great show.

  2. Michael

    excellent show about the Gremlins……. Loved the story about the Belching !!!! Keep it up.

  3. Bradd

    Just listented to the show (I know, late to the party!). I actually have the 45 records with the story book. I have and exta of one of them if you would like it. Great Podcast!

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