Retroist Hunt the Wumpus Podcast

Retroist Hunt the Wumpus Podcast

On today’s show I talk the groundbreaking early computer game, Hunt the Wumpus. I begin the show talking about how accessible the game was to a young me and how it was the highlight of my early time in my High School Computer Club. After that I move onto the game itself.

I discuss the game’s creator, Gregory Yob, his connection to the People’s Computer Company, and his favorite platonic solid. Then I discuss gameplay, ports, Magic the Gathering and much more.

Hunt the Wumpus is a very important chapter in adventure gaming. It inspired a lot of people to make games and was straightforward enough in design to actually be accessible. So please give this a listen and maybe fire up an online version of Hunt the Wumpus.

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Production Notes

While recording this I became obsessed with trying to figure out my favorite platonic solid. I am still not sure.

Of the standard set of Dungeons & Dragons site, only the d10 is not a platonic solid.

This show was supposed to done back when I did my Zork podcast. I was going to go on a text adventure run. I recorded it at the time and was not happy. Listening back the thing I realized the show needed was more Yob. So that became a bigger part this time around.

I found a bunch of articles on Yob and had recorded about 3 more minutes about him and his interesting life. I ultimately decided it was coming off as too much of a Yobcast and decided to focus on his time with game alone.

This game is playable, in its most basic form without maps, but it is sooo much easier with a map.

Thanks for listening to the show and I hope you have a great week.

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