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Welcome to the Retroist Intellivision Podcast. I do try and listen to your feedback. So I am happy to finally present the Retroist Intellivision Podcast! On this week’s show I talk about the often overshadowed video game console, The Intellivision. Then I talk about the history of the game, the hardware, the addons and the software. Of course, I also touch upon the people behind the scenes and play some great audio.

The above art was again provided by Artist/Illustrator Christopher Tupa. To see more of Christopher’s work, drop by his website at

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  1. brayv

    This is great! You know, when we had our Atari 2600, those Intellivision graphics looked SO MUCH better to me. But now, well….they’re all sort of blocky, aren’t they?

  2. Melanie1001

    Woo! Thank you for this one! The one and only console I’ve ever owned was the original Intellivision – oh the hours I spent playing Astrosmash – I can still hear those funky little 8 bit sounds in my head to this day! I so regret ever selling that system…I totally should have kept it…one day it will be a true collector’s item! Not to mention the games were totally fun…

  3. VicSage2005

    Being an Atari 2600 kid I was hesitant to jump on the Intellivision bandwagon but when my grandmother brought home the system and Lock ‘N’ Chase, I was totally hooked! Tron’s Deadly Discs was my favorite but Nightstalker ranked pretty high on that list, though I remember being disappointed that it had nothing to do with the Darren McGavin ABC show.

    My fondest memory of the Intellivision was the ad I saw at the local Drive-In, that was followed by a ‘music video’ of Dig-Dug. Good times, Retroist.

    Intellivision ad:

    Dig-Dug ad:

    The last bit I want to add on this already long post is that when I was helping to close a movie theatre I worked at for almost ten years, while looking through the bits of throwaway items I found these two ads in a little metal locker. Along with many other items from this 30 year old movie house I was allowed to take it home! 🙂

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