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Welcome to the Retroist Jetsons Podcast. On today’s show I talk all about the hit Sci-Fi cartoon series, The Jetsons. I talk about the pre-production, the cast, production of the show, its reception in the US and much much more. This is a very special episode because I get to talk with Judy Jetson herself, Janet Waldo! Janet and I talk about working on the Jetsons, how she landed the role, the process of working on the show, her work on Battle of the Planets, working with Bing Crosby and much much more. It was a real honor to talk to her.

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  1. Kris Knives

    Wow, huge improvement on the interview sound quality from the last show. I wasn’t a big fan of the Jetsons myself but I found the whole discussion of the show interesting. If they do make a live action movie I hope they do so with more respect to both the audience and the source material then we’ve seen with recently offerings like Alvin and the Chipmunks or the new Smurfs movie.

  2. The Retroist

    Thanks Kris, I will keep trying to make improvements with each interview as I learn more about the audio process. And I agree 100% on the movie. I will keep my fingers crossed.

  3. Great interview! She sounds like a very nice woman.

    And if anyone didn’t know, the 1990 Jetsons theatrical movie is available to stream on Netflix.

  4. moe

    Great podcast, loved the Jetsons and your interview with Ms Waldo was so interesting and enlightning, what a charming talented lady, with such a wondeful career. It was her remenisence of her old costars and friends bring back so many great shows, just hearing her call Mr. Crosby, Bing, brought back a piece of old Hollywood.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Rick

    Universal about 10 years ago had a ride that was hanna barbera characters and I want to say the jetson car was the car you rode in. It was replaced with the jimmy newtron ride. I think the other one was way better. On another note, I think that they missed the perfect opertunity for a Jetson’s live action movie in the 80s. Think about it, Harry Anderson (from Night Court) as George, Kathleen Ohara (the mom from home alone) as Jane and Danny Devito as Spacely. Would have been awesome.

  6. patrick J doody

    The Jetson ride at Orlando was awesome. You started in a car that was then rubber band slingshotted into space and save Elroy. It was pretty great – it had all the characters.

    In fact, here it is!

  7. The Retroist

    I never had the opportunity to ride the attraction. It looks amazing.

  8. Rick

    It was really good and jimmy neutron is no where near as good

  9. Kris Knives

    Well to be fair it has a huge handicap in that the new ride involves Jimmy Neutron. From what I’ve seen of JN they really don’t have a lot to work with there compaired to the Jetsons.

  10. earblast

    I noticed in the show it sounded like you kept referring to Astro as Astra. Was I hearing that wrong?

  11. Atari Adventure Square

    Greatly enjoyed the podcast and interview with the lovely Ms. Waldo.

    They have my vote for a Jetsons movie. Though I’d be just as pleased (if not moreso) to see a computer animated version than a live-action one.

    And that ride video was lotsa fun, Patrick!
    Who knew Yogi was such a stunt driver?

  12. Hot Pink Nation

    I say “NO WAY” to a Live Action Jetsons movie. Yuck.

    Not too hot on a C.G. Jetsons, either

  13. The Retroist

    Welcome back HPN!

    I agree about the live action movie. I would prefer if anything a traditionally animated or some sort of retro cg hybrid.

    @earblast – missed your comment here. I was saying Astro, but sometimes I do sound weird. So if it sounds like Astra it was just me garbling.

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