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Welcome to the Retroist Just One of the Guys Podcast. On today’s show I start off talking about my time working at the video store (again). And about how video tape pausing was not restricted to “Fast Times”. Then I talk about the subject of this episode, the 1985 comedy classic, “Just One of the Guys.” What specifically to do I talk about you ask? Oh, not only do I reveal my love for the Care Bears Movie. Which I am not ashamed of AT ALL. I also try to pronounce Jacoby properly and talk about the crew, the cast, the plot, the soundtrack, its reception, a movie with a similar name and much more.

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  1. Dradius Foole

    Good episode (as usual). You stated in the episode, though, that with digital video we’ve lost the ability to know where people paused videos. We as viewers may have lost this, but Netflix and the other streaming video providers are using this data in complex and perhaps somewhat spooky ways:

    1. The Retroist

      That is really interesting/scary. It would be cool if they could surface that info for the rest of us to see in a novel way as well.

  2. robmishou

    I really enjoyed the Just One of the Guys podcast – maybe more than the movie itself. From and English teacher: thanks for mentioning the use of Shakespeare’s plot – even if it is loosely based on it.

  3. This is one of those movies they used to show all the time on my local UHF station (KBHK 44 in San Francisco). Of course it was better on cable because…well, you know.

    I wonder how many fewer people would even remember this film if not for the big reveal at the end.

    The other film in this genre that was shown repeatedly on that UHF station was “Hardbodies.”

  4. The Retroist

    I had a few UHF stations and sadly none of them ever showed Just One of the Guys. They hardly ever got around to showing movies from the eighties unless they were horror. That was great, but as a big fan of the comedy genre I would have liked some variety.

    The reveal certainly does standout in most people’s minds.

  5. Justin M. Salvato

    That pause moment was so unnecessary. Don’t get me wrong, I will not turn away, but when I used to watch it on WPIX in New York, we would only see the scene from the rear.

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