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Welcome to the Retroist Karate Kid Podcast. On this episode of the show, I talk about the eighties martial arts dramedy classic, The Karate Kid. I begin by talking about a friend of mine who was really into the Karate Kid and how I never found out why (and how I regret that). Then I talk about the people in front of and behind the cameras, the plot, reception, deleted scenes, soundtrack, sequels, animated series and much much more.

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6 replies on “Retroist Karate Kid Podcast”

Indeed it was.

I’ve also thought The Karate Kid, Part III should have used the concept that was the animated series. I thought that concept would have been another nice elevation of Daniel’s maturity. What we got was more or less a remake of the first one on a lesser scale. The Karate Kid isn’t Rocky so having him try to defend his title didn’t have the same impact. I think it has to do with that it was a local tournament. If it had been the Olympics or something it might have worked a little better.

The first one he’s fighting for self respect, the second for his life and a girl, and the third, if using the animated series, could have been fighting for an entire culture since they are searching for that missing shrine from Mr. Miyagi’s village. The whole point of the first movie is learning to fight isn’t about points and tournaments. The third one should have continued with that theme.

Have you watched Cobra Kai yet? It’s wonderful! I mean it’s really, really good. I’m a little more than half way through (it took me awhile to get around to watching it) but I’m absolutely loving it. It is a worthy “sequel” to one of the greatest movies of all time.

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