Retroist Podcast – Episode 022 – Retroist Knight Rider Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist Knight Rider Podcast. On today’s show I start by talking about how I thought that the height of automobile technology had finally arrived in the 1980s when my friend??s family got a talking car. Then I talk about the TV show Knight Rider. I talk about the cast, creator, characters, its many spin offs (including the most current), the upcoming motion picture and much much more.

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  1. VOID Munashii

    I was a total Knight Rider fanboy as a kid. I had the talking KITT with Michael figure, and was in awe when I got the meet the “real” KITT at Universal Studios… at least until I noticed that his voice was wrong, and he seemed to know nothing of his own adventures.

    None of the later series ever really got me, and the pilot movie of the latest attempt put me off the whole thing. No one can replace the Hoff

  2. Michael

    This old aged T.V. Show really brings back memories Michael Knight and his hi-tech car K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Two Thousand) are the T.V. characters best remembered forever. Their one of the best crime fighters during the 1980’s era a car that can talk with a mind of it’s own and a handsome car driver who always get’s a chance to snatch the chicks and kick bad guy butt at the same time truly a memory.

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