Retroist Kodak Disc Podcast

Retroist Kodak Disc Podcast

On this episode of the Retroist Podcast, I talk about a technological icon of the eighties, the Kodak Disc Camera. I start off sharing a little background on my experience with cameras. I want to illustrate how far we have come in photography in such a short time and how much of a leap Kodak Disc technology was at the time. It really looked and felt like the future.

After my story, I move onto the camera and film. I discuss the technology that made it happen, warn people about the hazards of opening up the camera nowadays, discuss its features, failures, the invention of the selfie stick, and much more.

I bought a bunch of disc camera film last year and have been taking photos non-stop. I am not sure when I will get them developed, but I am having a ball using these camera. My Minolta really gets a lot of looks from people.

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Production Notes

  • I wish I had my Disco Camera photos developed before releasing this, but I still have more discs to go and I am enjoying the process too much.
  • I cut out a bunch of info I found talking about other mistakes Kodak made. Those will probably be other podcasts. Poor Kodak.
  • I had so many commercials I wanted to include but boiled it down to two. To see more of them, just search on YouTube.
  • Had about a minute more about the modern Selfie Stick. I didn’t feel it added to the show.
  • About three minutes of me rambling on about the differences between the cameras was cut. It was all numbers and features. It was confusing.
  • Below is an example of the type of photography I was engaged with as a kid. It was pretty bad.

Thanks for listening to the show and I hope you have a great week.

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