Retroist Magnum PI Podcast

Retroist Magnum PI Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist Magnum PI Podcast. Today’s show about that quintessential 1980s detective show, Magnum P.I. I begin by talking about how I enjoyed the show as a kid and then move onto the show itself.

I talk about the shows creation, the actors and characters, and the future of the Magnum character.

This being metagirl’s favorite TV show, she contributed not one, but two top 5 lists for this week’s show.

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  1. They should have called it “Captain Hawaii Handsome, P.I.”

  2. This is my favorite show from the 1980s. The characters had so much personality and a lot of the comedy of the show was based on their personalities. Sharon stone was also a great guest star. There was music from John Denver and Phil Collins. Remember Magnum’s Tomy Pac Man handheld that drove “Higgy-baby” crazy? Magnum’s cool rubber chicken? In one of the last episodes of the show, Magnum and friends are in the strip club. If you look really close, there is a topless woman on one of the poles in the background that made it into the braodcast! I think since the show was ending they sneaked it in. Check it out!

  3. As a kid, I used to set a boom box next to the speaker of my family’s TV and record the show on audio tape. I used to listen to the tapes memorize all the lines and do the voices of Magnum, Higgins, Rick, T.C., and all of the others. I am now 38 years old and can still recite some of the scenes word for word! One of the best shows in the history of television.

  4. I can’t wait for the “complete series” dvd box set to come out for Magnum. The packaging has been so cool for other series like Charmed (spell book) and King of Queens (Doug’s van).

    What about T.C.’s Vanagon with the DVDs in the back of the van? A plastic Detroit Tigers baseball cap that slides open to show the DVDs under the cap? or a Robin Master’s novel with all the DVD’s inside??? I hope it is going to be something COOL!

    By the by, be sure to check out any of the Jesse Stone DVDs if you are a Magnum fan, if you haven’t already. The pacing of the show is rather slow, but it is great to see Tom still do his thing.

    PS – Higgins RULES!

  5. I long for the carefree days as a kid in the Ancient 80s. One of the best shows ever. The theme song rules!

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