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Welcome to the Retroist Man from Atlantis Podcast. On today’s show we talk all about the 1970 Sci-Fi series, The Man from Atlantis. We talk about the pre-production, the cast, production of the show, its reception in the US and overseas and much much more. This is a very special episode because in this episode I have conduct my first interview for the show and what an interview! I talk to the Man from Atlantis himself, Patrick Duffy. We talk about the show and how we got the role on Man from Atlantis and the rigors of working on the show, we also talk about his time on Battle of the Network Stars, his wonderful web series Patrick Duffy and the Crab and of course we talk a little bit about Dallas.

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  1. I loved this show in my youth, I’ve mentioned before that I still have some of the Bill Mantlo, Man From Atlantis, comics by Marvel! Congrats by the way on the interview with Patrick Duffy, that is awesome! 🙂

  2. I picked up issues 2-3 of the Bill Mantlo comic book lately, but they’ve just sat there. I want to read them, but there’s a comic shop that probably has the rest of them in its 50 cent boxes. I just need to find time to go there and rifle through them! Once I have all of them, then I’d like to read them in order. I guess I’m just weird that way.

  3. Excellent job on this week’s podcast. The Man From Atlantis is a great topic. It’s a true TV cult classic and deserves more recognition. In the 1970s people were afraid to go in the water due to Jaws. For me I was afraid to go in the water because of the giant jelly fish episode of this show.

    And kudos for scoring an interview with Patrick Duffy. Hopefully you can pepper episodes with more interviews relating to a show’s topic.

  4. Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed the show so far. I am hoping more interviews will come down the pike. I could use the practice at asking questions and figuring out ways to improve the audio.

  5. Wow, how did you manage to land The Man From Atlantis for an interview? What bait were you using? 😉

    Great job. I loved this show as a kid. Way better than Aquaman.

  6. Just lucky on this one, but glad you liked the show.

  7. This is terrific!
    I was hooked from the first Man From Atlantis movie and the following shows reeled me in and made me a fan of Patrick Duffy for life.
    It’s great to hear him talk about the show in person with someone who appreciates this classic.
    The show had it all: a compelling hero with a mysterious past, a lovely damsel scientist, a helpful crew to aid and be victimized, and a nemesis fittingly obsessed with the realm of undersea wonders.
    I still have the bumps on my head from doing the Dolphin Swim in too-small swimming pools to remember those fun times.

    Loved listening to this.

  8. Excellent, EXCELLENT job on the podcast! Nice to see Patrick is a down to earth guy.

  9. I just finished all the retroish podcasts and I want to say how awesome this show is! I can’t wait for the next one. I started following this show right when it began but only knew about it from Cleancast and when that went away I lost track of the show for a while. I’m happy to see the show has kept going strong and has proved consistently enjoyable. I’ve already told friends and family about the Retroist and I hope more then a few of them will check you out. Audio interview aside I am really impressed by the professional quality of the show.

  10. Very kind of you Kris. I am glad you re-found the show and I appreciate you helping to spread the word.

    I hope you enjoy what the future holds for the show (probably more of the same) and hopefully I can improve that interview audio quality as I get more practice.

  11. I loved this blog post and the interview was fantastic. Patrick Duffy is such a sweet and really funny man. I have vague memories of the ‘underwater man’ from my childhood in the eighties. And it thrilled me just as Patrick said it would the kids. I think they showed the TV movies back on the old channel 11 (WPIX) I re-discovered this series a few years ago and fell in love with Patrick Duffy all over again (I crushed on him on Step by Step too. lol) You know that series isn’t even released on DVD and it lasted a lot longer than MFA.
    I think MFA was amazing and had so much potential. Perhaps it was ahead of its time, but I noticed that ‘water based’ shows just don’t tend to do well. Just look at SeaQuest DSV, and the recent Aqua man that only got one pilot episode. I can’t imagine the demands it puts on the actors playing the leads. I read a PD interview somewhere and he said some of the nerves in his feet were damaged ever since. I had to laugh in your interview when he said you couldn’t put a gun to his head to play this role again. I’ve read in other interviews too that he enjoys playing the ‘grandpa’ now. He’s aged gracefully and embraces the fact that he’s not 20 something anymore. That’s unlike a lot of actors ruining themselves and looking foolish trying to stay young.
    I’m an avid ‘fangirl’ and I guess ‘retro geek’. ;D I have my own popular websites, my most ‘famous’ for the 1982 series Time-Travel series ‘Voyagers!’ I make fan-videos, graphics, and as an amateur writer, I write a lot of Fan-Fic for fun and practice. So naturally I made 2 fan videos and wrote a FF for MFA. 🙂 I own the first release of the pilot and just ordered the rest from the WB archives. It’s an amazingly beautiful restoration. I also have all the issues of the Marvel comics-sad to say it was HORRENDOUS! But the 1st issue has great images and interviews that I scanned. So please contact me if you’d like them. The Novelizations of the TV movies were really good. I hope Patrick’s MFA books get published. Thank you for this blog and promoting a series that I think has true ‘cult’ status these days.

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