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Welcome to the Retroist Manimal Podcast. On today’s show I talk about the cult TV show, Manimal. I talk about some of the folks involved, the people behind the show and other fun Manimal related stuff. This cult classic gets made fun of a lot, but it was a fun show. I hope I can persuade you to check it out. Music on the show, as always, was provided by Peachy.

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  1. Doug

    One of the first TV shows I remember seeing. Awesome pick, can’t wait to listen.

  2. Saturday World

    I haven’t even listened to this yet, and I feel like my internet was “full of win” today. About to listen to this right now.

  3. Daniel Th1rte3n

    Excellent as always! I’ve been hoping you would cover this series, and the podcast did not disappoint!

  4. The Retroist

    Thanks guys glad/hope you enjoy it. I was a big fan of the show as a kid and it has always bummed me out that I cannot get the show on DVD. Spread the interest in the show.

  5. James

    I was shocked to learn that Mr. MacCorkindale had died. He was only 58. I just saw him as a great villain on Relic Hunter recently. He got cancer around 4 – 5 years after he appeared in that show apparently and battled it for 4 years according to articles. He was the man, Manimal. As short as this show was on, most of the kids thought it was cool, and it had an effect on them. Many people remember it, more than you’d expect. It definitely was a classic. I always wished that I could have met him in person. I did meet the hulk once, and although he seemed pretty cranky, it was awesome to meet him. When I saw “manimal” show up on Relic Hunter as a villain, it was so cool to see him on TV again, almost 20 years later. He had a very confident look about him, and his acting made you feel like he was a nice, wholesome, English guy. I like how he liked Adventure stories, played and directed in those roles. Manimal.

  6. The Retroist

    I agree James. I was shocked when I heard he passed. He was a very talented guy.

  7. Lunch Bag Art

    Thanks for posting this!

    As a kid I had really high hopes for this show; I saw the article in the TV Guide “Fall Preview” and really jumped on it. I had my own hopes for it, and went so far as to imagine what the show could be before it aired.

    I’d set up my own stories and powers for the main character. What if he forgot he was a man? What if there were other shapeshifters, with their own crazy society? What if you could split your being into two or more creatures? How about dinosaurs, are they an option?

    I watched every episode of Manimal that aired. But it was hard to stay open-minded; the show felt like a failure, even to a kid. It got awful press in TV Guide. Johnny Carson made jokes about it in his monologue, I remember that quite clearly.

    I still watch the Teen Titans show with my kids. Beast Boy is pretty close to what I wanted.

  8. The Retroist

    Maybe some retro minded comic person out there could revive Manimal and make it everything it could have been. As a cartoon with a decent budget it could have been spectacular.

  9. Atari Adventure Square

    This show had so much potential, it just aired at the wrong period of low-fi tv-quality FX.

    I also watched it at the time, unable to contain my glee at the premiere, but that joy slowly ebbed away as the weeks went by and the misfire reality sunk in.

    About the regenerating clothes: I think Jonathan Chase bought his duds at the same tailor that created Dr. Banner’s incredible stretchy pants.

    A fine podcast here, which might, hopefully, spark someone out there to do a proper remake.

    I mean, c’mon…
    It practically writes itself.

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