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Welcome to the Retroist Max Headroom Podcast. This week I talk all about everyone’s favorite spokeshead Max Headroom. After relating a memory I have of early computer animation and how I had way too high expectations of it in the 1980s. Then I talk about the mighty Max. I talk about his UK origins, his jump to America, his work outside of his two TV shows and much much more.

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  1. OffisaPups

    Great epidsode! How I now gaze fondly back to my youth when I owned a Max Headroom t-shirt and other such items. All this talk of cyberpunk, think I will bust out the old Shadowrun books and nerd up a bit.

  2. charltonhero

    I have to say my exposure to the Max Headroom show was limited. I rented the VHS tape of the pilot as a kid and struggled to get through it. Loved the character but remembered the show was over my head as a kid.

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