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Welcome to the Retroist Missile Command Podcast. On today’s show we talk all about the Atari classic, Missile Command. I begin by talking about how I was a Missile Command legend in my own mind. A game that everyone knows, but somehow still comes across as underrated. I talk about the games creations and creator, we talk records and strategy. We have some fun audio surprises in this episode, that I hope you will enjoy.

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  1. Vincent

    As a fan of radio dramas (old time and new) I really dig the background plays to the games. I’ve never heard them before, so thanks for including them.

    I’m also a big missle command fan. It was one of my favorite games, because it was so intense. It’s one of the few games where I actually felt bad for the civilians. I can only imagine how much more intense the game would have been if it had taken place in California.

  2. arcadepuppy

    I have to agree with Vincent on that – what an intense game! It totally drew you in. I wasn’t too bad with the 2600 version back then, but the arcade version always seemed to intimidate me.

    On a side note, I recently got to watch a documentary film about a guy trying to break the Missile Command record. Quite entertaining – you can feel his pain as he tries to top the best score, only to have this vintage machine literally reset itself in the middle of game play. Check it out here:

    I believe the movie’s now for sale on iTunes, etc.

  3. OffisaPups

    It is also free on, well at least the movie was when I watched it a few months back.

  4. vinvectrex

    Rumors today of a Missile Command movie in the works at Fox. I wonder if they’ll consider using the audio storyline….

  5. ddsw

    Wow. That teleplay was just about the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever heard. I don’t get why they felt the need for the corny sci-fi angle anyway. I always thought it was obvious the game was about defending the U.S. from Soviet nukes.

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