Retroist Moon Patrol Podcast

Retroist Moon Patrol Podcast

On today’s show I talk all about the video game masterpiece, Moon Patrol. I start by talking about how obsessed I was with finding arcade games as a kid. It was a remarkable and magical time, but obsession with anything can take away from other things, like a once in a lifetime vacation experience.

Then I move onto the game itself. I talk about the people and companies who made the Moon Patrol, the technology, gameplay and much more. Including the games made about the comic strip B.C.

Moon Patrol is one of the early arcade classics. Sadly it does not get the respect of other games of its stature. So if you have not played it in a while or have never played it at all, hopefully I can persuade you to check it out again.

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  1. As usual, great podcast, happy to get have a new episode. I noticed peachy isn’t longer on SoundCloud, is he somewhere else?

  2. Excellent! Wonderful to hear you again!

  3. Oh no, sorry to hear that about Peachy. At least you still have that sweet, sweet intro. Thanks for letting me know and sharing. And thank you for the enjoyment of helping me relive my 80s glory days, love you’re stuff.

  4. So, Connecticut Golf Land paid Depeche Mode to use “See You,” right?

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