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Welcome to the Retroist Mr. Belvedere Podcast. Today’s show is about the 1980’s television classic, Mr. Belvedere. After relating a little about my experience with Belvedere, I get into the fact. I talk about the origin of the Belvedere character. His transition from book to movie to television. We also talk some of the best episodes, the actors and the show’s reception. metagirl is back with and illuminating top 5 list and Jonathan brings a real treat this week, an exclusive interview with Marsha Owens herself Ilene Graff.

It was a fun show to put together, we hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Kill Screen 256

    wow, 21 now. Old enough to go to the bars. You buy the first round.

  2. Gerry Alanguilan

    Excellent podcast and interview with Ilene Graff. Thanks for posting it!

    Just wanted to add that Rob Stone eventually took more of a directing career rather than an acting career. In fact, Rob helped direct one of the last episodes of Mr. Belvedere. He went on to direct documentaries, specially for the History Channel.

    Brice continues to act as part of a company he co-founded called Drama 3/4, and as part of that, he co-wrote and starred in “I Hate My 30’s” for VH1. Check out their website:
    Their skits are hysterical.

  3. TryingToWatch

    Cool interview! I am so glad you added that Family Guy clip into the podcast. Awesome!

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