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Welcome to the Retroist New Coke Podcast. This week I talk about the soft drink debacle of the mid-1980s, New Coke. I have mixed feelings about this era in history, so I am happy to get to discuss it. After sharing some New Coke memories, I talk about the reasoning behind the switch, the chief architect behind the switch, its failure. And of course, the conspiracy theories it has spawned and a whole lot more.

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  1. charltonhero

    My Dad was a Coke rep back in the day and I felt the fall of Coke hard in my household. Never really understood what was really happening only there was big hate for that New Coke. We always had a BIG stock of Coke to drink in our house but New Coke rarely saw the light in our home.

    It was a celebration of sorts with me and my friends when Coke Classic returned. We had no less that 20 cases at all times that were give aways for my Dads customers but myself and my friends slammed back hundreds of those glass bottle delights while watching movies! The customers were none the wiser!

    Coke 2 faded very fast in our town and life went back to normal on the Cola front.

  2. Martin L Collins

    I wish they would bring back the OLD Coke Zero. It was so much better than the new Coke Zero. Now Old New Coke gets a comeback but Old Old Coke Zero is still gone. What a world.

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