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Welcome to the Retroist Nintendo Entertainment System Podcast. Today’s show is about the venerable granddaddy of Nintendo gaming, the Nintendo Entertainment System or NES. I start off talking about my long-term quest to get my very own NES. Then I talk about its creation in Japan, its ability to ignore the great North American Video game crash, its lasting influence on gaming culture and much much more.

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  1. Decepticon Spy

    What is that tech song you played. I want it.
    And I think this has to be one of my top 3 favorite shows so far. I miss my NES and the all stuff that came along with it from cereal, to shows, to posters and displays in the stores.
    But I still have my ROB to keep me company.

  2. charltonhero

    Pro Wrestling, Contra, and Mike Tysons Punch Out were my first three games and have been hooked ever since. Original NES was always my favorite console.

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