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Welcome to the Retroist Qbert Podcast. On today’s show I talk about the classic 1980s arcade games, Q*bert. This is game I am a big fan of, even while I am terrible at it. I am joined this week by metagirl with a new and controversial top 5 list and by Vic Sage with a brand new, “Why Should I Know this Person?” Music on the show was provided by Peachy (the Coily of Wales).

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  1. VicSage

    Great podcast as always, Retroist! Is there going to be a deathmatch between you and Metagirl because of this show’s top 5 list?

    Metagirl, for what’s it worth I think your list was right on!

  2. The Retroist

    I can only make suggestion to the list, but I think Mr. Do! not being on the list is a travesty.

  3. Justin M. Salvato

    I knew metagirl picking Dig Dug over Mr. Do! would cause some problems. Man, I wish Berty would have been able to fire, maybe I wouldnt have jumped off the edge so many times in fear. Good podcast!

  4. vinvectrex

    Great podcast! My personal favorite part was the Q*bert commercial in which the announcer states it is available for all popular systems. As a Vectrex aficionado, that drove home both the point that my system wasn’t popular and the fact I wouldn’t be playing Q*bert!

  5. TheSixMillionDollarJedi

    Another great game that I am truly awful at playing.

  6. VicSage

    Six Million Dollar Jedi, remember what the Retroist said on the podcast. It all comes down to the condition of the Joystick…at least that’s what I’m sticking with. 😉

  7. Atari Adventure Square

    Another great podcast springs into view.

    Count me in among the many who have plummeted to their doom due to a ‘faulty’ joystick.

    And yeah, it’s good to see Burger Time get some love (maybe too much?), even if it is amidst list-making controversy.

    We had trouble with Q*Bert controls at first, but the quirky gameplay, insane characters and hilarious sounds kept us coming back ’til we were succesfully average.

    And yeah, Gottlieb, bring it back to physical reality, willya? Instead of those dance-dance machines at the ‘plexes I could go for some jumping games where I stay put.

  8. The Retroist

    Ha! A great message from the Q. Thanks angela!

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