Retroist Rubiks Cube Revisited Podcast

Retroist Rubiks Cube Revisited Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist Rubiks Cube Revisited Podcast. I know what your thinking, didn’t you cover this subject already? Yes, I did, in episode 1 and since then I have been wanting to recover the subject. It was going to be my 100th episode before the Atari 2600 podcast happened, so I waited a few episodes to get this out.

While some of the subject matter is re-covered. I added some new stuff and it is more in line with the modern format of the show. I do not plan on doing many revisits for shows, so I hope people enjoy this one.

As usual, music on the show was provided by Peachy.

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  1. Drahken

    I don’t remember much about the amazing cube cartoon now, but I remember that I loved it back when it aired.

  2. jamie niemeyer

    hi again retroist another exciting show as usaual i remeber the cube and cartoon both . i was pretty good at the cube especlliy when i got the cube for christmas. this is the fuuny part about the cube i was meessing around with it without looking at it and i put it back the way it was in about 3 seconds flat no joke i have lots of wittnesses . freinds and relatives saw it happen they all laughed . they were like oh my god. thats one of my shinning moments growing up. oh retroist ive always wanetd to tell u this do u know who you and your family remind me of johnny test you know u have the sisters and your mom the neat freak and your dad . and i guess in a way u had the talking dogs too . even though johnny test had one talking dog dukie. just wanted to share tha with u too. thanks again for the show and god bless jamie.

  3. Doug

    Congrats on completing the cube. I’m almost inspired to get one and try again myself. One problem: I would like a real one, and I’m seeing so many knock-offs on Ebay. How can I be sure to get an original 80s cube?

  4. The Retroist

    @Doug – If you want an ideal one, you should check the rep of the seller and maybe be a little flexible about condition. Those MIB ones are killer. Look for the rubik name on the middle white piece.

    Give me a yell when you got it solved.

    @jamie – I ALWAYS wanted a hyper intelligent talking dog. Which might explain my Mr. Peabody fixation.

  5. C64 Take-away

    Great episode – and congratulations on solving your cube.

    I got my Rubiks Cube back when it came out, and like you I never completed it back then. On a couple of occasions I managed to get two layers done, but I was only ever able to sort out the first layer consistently.

    Growing up, I always kept the cube nearby, but never managed to get any further on it. Fast forward to 2008 – I’m talking to my sister on the phone and she mentions that my ten-year old nephew got hold of a cube, and was having problems solving it. She had told him that I could help him next time we would visit them. It was at this point that I reminded my sister that I never actually managed to solve the cube. But of course, you can’t bring yourself to disappoint a fellow cuber. So I dug out the cube and set to work.

    Unfortunately, it turned out that my vintage cube had gotten kinda stuck and had become harder and harder to turn over the years. The next day I checked out the local games store and found a “Dayan” speedcube. Sure, it’s not a Rubiks, but it’s a LOT easier to operate, and every bit as enjoyable to play with. Found a tutorial on YouTube that demonstrated the ‘standard’ 8 algorithms, and started practising. Two weeks later I was finally able to solve the cube – in around 15 minutes time. These days my average is down to about three minutes, with my personal best being 1:53.

    And yes, solving the cube does change how you look at it.

  6. Atari Adventure Square

    A solved cube is a happy cube.

    I can only imagine your dog was trying to help.

    Back in the jumbled 80s, me and my cousin would compete for fastest cube-solving time.
    Of course, this was *only* made possible by the How To Solve The Rubik’s Cube book, with diagrams, algorithms and encouragement.

    I still remember to pick my Top Color and Front Color, but the rest is a jumbled, neon-tinted blur (and oddly enough, scored by The Pointer Sisters).

    Once got a five dollar prize for getting second-place score in a mall contest.
    Under two minutes, pleased as punch.

    Nowadays, probably under two months.

    Gotta find that book.

  7. Retro Justin

    I have never in my life solved that thing.

    Excellent podcast!

  8. Andy

    You inspired me to check out the YouTube guides.
    Looked possible…….even for ME! 🙂
    So I’ve ordered myself x2 cubes (a regular and mini).
    I’ll keep you updated 😀

  9. blinddog

    I finally learned how to do it a couple of years back with help from the youtube videos. I had the week off between Christmas and New Years and my goal for the week was to learn how to solve the Rubik’s Cube and I’m happy to say mission completed.

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