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Welcome to the Retroist Silver Spoons Podcast. On this week’s show I talk all about the 1980’s sitcom Silver Spoons. This a sitcom that is near and dear to me, so very happy to cover it. Hope sharing it will get a few people to give it a try. In this episode, I talk about the cast, the people who created the show, the concept behind the show, where you can find the show today, and more.

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  1. Was never a fan of this show; didn’t like the characters, didn’t like the father, but I found myself watching all the time for two reasons; guest stars like Mr. T and the TOYS.

    Btw, Ray Walston best known for My Favorite Martian? No way. Best known for “Poopdeck Pappy” in Popeye the movie 😉

    Good show; great information.

  2. The Retroist

    The toys are what hooked me as well and then I started liking the dynamic. Sadly it changed so quickly as Ricky aged. They should have started with a younger Ricky IMO.

    He was great in Popeye.

  3. Paul

    Your intros are the best!

    I really enjoyed this podcast on my way to work this morning.

  4. The Retroist

    Thanks Paul. Glad I could make the journey to work enjoyable.

  5. Atari Adventure Square

    Another great audio sojourn into TV memories.

    Yeah, was never really into this show but, whenever I watched it, found myself wandering in the background with those video games and train sets, imagining being there while the occupants were away.
    Also found myself watching because WIlma Deering was in it (though the silver suit stayed in the closet).

    But your intro reminded me of how much special-TV-Time I had with different members of my family, watching certain shows.
    Watched Soap with my dad.
    Once, he called me from stuff I was doing to remind me it was on.
    That made it even better.
    And given it had a lot of adult comedy and he didn’t mind his ten-year old son watching, it made me feel like I was on the road to being an acknowledged Adult.

    Eh, it would still wait a while.
    …still waiting.

    What was I saying?
    Oh yeah – great podcast, sir!

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