Retroist Summertime Special Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist Summertime Special Podcast. In this very special episode of The Retroist, I learn, with help from some friends, that maybe Summer isn’t so bad after all. Who helps me on this journey to epiphany? Vic Sage, The Six Million Dollar Jedi, metagirl, Peachy, Doug McCoy, Flack, Robot Voice, Commodore 64 and of course Atari. You can find most of these folks on the site on a fairly regular basis, but you can also find some of them offsite. Doug McCoy has his own website and podcast (Found Footage Films) as does Flack (You Don’t Know Flack). Music on the show was provided by Peachy.

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  1. Rich Gott

    Another terrific broadcast! When the countdown ended in lawn darts I remembered the one and only time we played it as a kid. One summer day my father took my brother and I out to the yard, set it up, and carefully oversaw the game. He told us “They don’t make these any more, because people thought they were too dangerous.”

    At the end of the game we told him we were going to play it every day of the summer. He said something like “Sounds good” but his face looked a little strange and he went to put them away. After that, every time we asked him to bring them out he found some reason not to.

    Despite scouring the house, garage, and attic for weeks afterwards (it was summer vacation, after all!), we were never able to find the lawn darts again! Maybe we did something during the game that scared him?

  2. Rick

    I have yet to listen to the podcast but I just wanted to say that is really nice to be getting these on a weekly basis. I don’t know if you have plans to keep it on a weekly basis but it sure is awesome and thanks.

  3. Drahken

    We had a set of lawn darts when I was a kid. Sure, they could be dangerous, but only if you were stupid with them. Even as a little kid, when I saw that the directions said to stand by the opposite rings & throw at each other, I realized that was stupid & dangerous. We always just stood by one ring & threw all the darts at the other, then went to the other ring & tossed them all back.
    A little common sense goes a long way….

  4. The Retroist

    Jarts are a lot of fun and my cousin and I used to do the same dangerous/stupid thing Drahken. I am not sure why, but maybe the element of danger added to the game? Perhaps we were too high on enjoyment to notice?

    @Rick – I usually try and record a show each week when time permits. Often I am just not happy with how they turn out and do not do a release that week. Lately I have been doing some re-recording and having a good run of luck on the shows. I will keep it up as long as I can.

  5. Justin M. Salvato

    Bravo! But what happened to the Slip and Slide?

    Ah, was that SAM Retroist? Used to make prank phone calls with SAM, but the one we used was a tad clearer. This was before caller I.D. was widespread of course 😉

  6. VicSage

    Ah, the return of Robot Voice! Woot! Another fantastic podcast and it’s always great to hear all the wonderful memories from my fellow writers, thank you very much Robot Voice for allowing us to share our stories of Summer.

  7. TheSixMillionDollarJedi

    It turned out great!

  8. Atari Adventure Square

    Tis a season worthy of podcast celebration.
    And what a great show!
    It was great to hear your stories and views and remember shared experiences.

    Summer is great but always put as bit of peer pressure back then as outside activities called me away from fulltime video gaming (though it was easy to have one’s VCS cake and eat it daily – who needs sleep when you’re a sunburnt game-hungry kid?).

    And I’d be on Facebook if I could ‘Friend’ Robot Voice.
    Hi buddy!

    And it’s funny. Add me to the list of people who had lawn darts as a kid, then had ’em mysteriously disappear between darting seasons.
    Had badmington raquets, though (still do).

    Summer is a good time to have things flying at you.

  9. Mike

    My brother in law just bought a set of lawn darts off eBay. Surprisingly expensive.

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