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Welcome to the Retroist Threes Company Podcast. On today’s show we talk all about the comedy television series, Three’s Company. We talk about the characters and actors on the show, the talent behind the show, the cast changes and its availability today. What are the best episodes of Three’s Company? You will find out because, we also have a brand new top 5 list from metagirl.

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  1. Doug

    Three’s Company was also mentioned in the Suzanne Summers/Patrick Duffy show (forgot name). On one episode, she sat down with her daughter in front of the TV and the daughter talked about a show where the women all wore short shorts and there was also some wacky misunderstanding. You couldn’t see the TV, but she was definitely talking about Three’s Company.

  2. Tina

    Metagirl? Finally!

  3. Doug

    Ripped from a message board:

    Originally posted by SomersCompany3
    Step By Step-
    Suzanne Somers says “You look like (forgot name) from I Dream of Jeanie”
    Bronson Pinchot says “You look like Chrissy from Three’s Company”

    Three’s Company is mentioned another time on that show, and at first I thought you were going to name it. I didn’t know Three’s Company was mentioned more than once on Step By Step.

    It’s an episode where Carol (Suzanne) is pregnant and she is sitting on the couch watching Three’s Company. You can hear the theme music play, and her daughter, Dana comes in the room with a disgusted look on her face. I think she then says something, and Carol goes, “That Chrissy really cracks me up.” Then she makes a dingy Chrissy Snow face.

    Then Dana said something like, “Oh please. What is it this time? Let me guess–the girls are in their tight shorts and their is some WACKY misunderstanding.” It was pretty hilarious.

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