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Welcome to the Retroist VCR Podcast. Today’s show is about the history, the struggles and the demise of a formerly ubiquitous technology, the VCR. I start off talking about my experience drinking soda while too close to my family’s VCR. Then I move onto the history of this wonderful piece of technology. List fans can stay happy, metagirl is also back this week with the list of the top 5 best selling VHS tapes of all time.

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  1. Amelyn

    MetaGirl should have her own blog. We’re lacking of girls in the retro blogosphere.

  2. Fun show. You really kept it moving and had me laughing through the whole opening story. I’m going to have to check out your other podcasts now.

  3. Jonathan

    Great show man as always. Love the stories.

  4. Scott

    Another great show. I like Metagirl’s & thefaroutspacenuts portions, but the latter is too long, it seemed to take up close to a third of episode 7 & therefore would be better to shorten in future episodes. By the way, I have a fully functional Atari 2600 with 24 games.

  5. Jonathan

    Goo response helps me know where to cut the segment. Thanks for listening.

  6. max

    My first VCR was a battery powered backpack recording unit for an old JVC camcorder. The camera broke years ago, but the VCR still works.

  7. Sailor_Sega

    Hey these shows are enjoyable but I find them a bit short. Ever thought of stretching them out to around an hour? Or would that be too difficult?

  8. The Retroist

    Thanks for the feedback Sailor. I think the show will eventually get a little longer as we add more people to the lineup.

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