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Welcome to the Retroist Whiz Kids Podcast. On today’s show we talk all about the 1980s one season wonder that was Whiz Kids. We talk about the stars, the characters, the plot, the music and a little about the wonderful retro tech. It is not a show available on DVD currently, so write your local member of congress and tell them they got to get on that!

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  1. Patrick J. Doody

    I loved this show!!!

    My favorites were the jailbreak episode where they gave an inmate (who had access to the 80s internet) an idea how to get of of jail.

    And the Universal Studios episode where they figured out how to work the Conan stage show.


  2. mwentworth

    It is sure turning out to be a good Friday!! Thanks Retroist!

  3. This show was awesome. I totally watched it back in the day. Agreed it needs to be on DVD. Many years ago (10+) I purchased the entire show on DixX CD’s. Someone took the shows they taped on VHS and put them on CD, complete with the TV commercials. Pretty awesome seeing those old commercials.

  4. Correction, I just pulled them out, I have 3 DVD’s (not DivX CD’s) with all 18 episodes of the TV show Whiz Kids, complete with the commercials. Awesomesauce!

  5. The Retroist

    CCC — My quality is pretty low. How watchable are yours?

  6. @Retroist: The quality is pretty good. Obviously not real DVD quality since they were done from VHS tapes, but until an official DVD release is done, they do the job nicely. P.S. Sorry for the duplicate comment above.

  7. Patrick J. Doody

    CCC, those are cool!

    Color me jealous – in 256 colors of course.

  8. James

    I’m the guy who first put this show on youtube. No doubt. Recognize! Booyakasha!!
    Still gotta upload the Simon and Simon crossover episode. This show is fun for anyone into retrocomputing and 80’s video games, innit. I always wanted to know how to work that IMSAI and get good at Tempest like Jeremy Jacquet must have been. ha. Also A. Martinez is in there, he was in some good native american movies. Guy from Barney Miller, Wojohowicz, Alf chick, etc. To have a cocker spaniel, a computer, and ride your bikes with your friends…ah, the simple life…..

  9. I expect some backlash here, gonna lose some retro cred, but I have never seen nor heard of this show.

    However, Retroist made it sound intriguing. Will check it out.

  10. jamie n.

    hey retroist i remeber that show i always made fun of the name of the show . the wizzzzzz kids . not only that but i would role play with some friends and we would play the carchters from thaat episode. or from the tv show get smart. hey retroist. its funny because my brother rick or his other name spike would always be the one weaing many dresses skirts and wigs he was a big sucker for that. he kind reminds me of the bossom buddies in a way. well thats all have a nice weekend retroist. jamie.

  11. The Retroist

    @jamie That is awesome! Sounds like you would have been a great kid to hang out with.

  12. OlderGamer

    I fondly remember this show. I happen to get my first computer (an Apple IIe) around that time. When I saw the opening, I freaked because recognized the 3D graphics from a demo for programming language I was using in a school project. Almost no one had computers at home at the time for (except for cheap gaming computers) and school computers were relegated to a special room that you had to sign up to use (do schools still have Computer Labs?). Being one of the few “computer nerds” at school, I had a fondness for the show that had us nerds being the heroes instead of someone being dumped into trash can.

  13. Doug

    I didn’t remember this show. At least I don’t think so. I seem to remember something, but it might be a phantom memory. Matthew Laborteaux was also in that Amazing Stories episode Joe Dante referenced last week.

  14. Atari Adventure Square

    There’s gotta be some on-demand service to get highest quality versions of these neat but short-lived series.

    Here’s to Topic Awareness through podcasting.
    It might make things happen, I hope.

    Just to be sure, I’ll google Whiz Kids every day for a month.

    And a big thank you to James!

  15. Lew Farley

    CCC any chance of a torrent of your discs? I have some of the episodes downloaded from a vhs torrent but I’d be really keen to see if yours are better quality.

  16. James

    A bonus for you Whiz Kids fans!

  17. James

    Bonus for you Whiz Kids fans!

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