Sadly I Never got to Visit AstroWorld…


I had a friend who went to visit family in Houston back in the 1980s and he came home with many tales of the Amazing Six Flags “AstroWorld”. We had our own Six Flags in New Jersey. It is called “Great Adventure”, but according to my friend, it did not hold a candle to the magic of “AstroWorld”. For the rest of the summer, he would not shut up about it. Naturally we were all pretty jealous and maybe a little defensive and we would get into arguments comparing the different attractions.

Here is a commercial of a Sneak Preview period in 1982. I assume this is a period before the park opened for the season. It does look pretty cool.

I always wanted to check it out, but sadly will never get to since it closed in 2005. From the photos I have seen online, it did look impressive. Maybe it was awesome enough to rival the amazing “Great Adventure”. But we will never know.

What we do know though is that Great Adventure is still around. So….

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  1. Badwolf

    Have been to three Six Flags parks – Great Adventure, Six Flags over Georgia, and Magic Mountain (Valencia, CA). They are all pretty similar, from what I remember. I did visit them in different times of my life, but the style and flavor of the parks are on par with each other. I will say that Magic Mountain has the most intense coasters of the lot. Never been to AstroWorld, but how great could it really be if it closed down? G.A. fans have nothing to be ashamed about. Your friend was just being tribal and argumentative.

  2. ddsw

    Meh. With the possible exception of the dancing girls, I don’t see anything in this promo that couldn’t be found at Great Adventure. Plus Great Adventure had a safari park…did Astroworld have that?
    I’ve also been to Six Flags Over Texas…it is comparable to Great Adventure.

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