Scary Delicious Globalls for Halloween

Snowballs seem a natural fit as a Christmas snack. “Snow”ball. It’s perfect, but when X-mas rolls around no a snowball can be found hanging from a tree or melting at the bottom of a stocking. But on Halloween Snowballs morph into Glo-Balls and boy are they creepy. Check out these bad-boys. Warning: You may want to wear shades…



Wow. Filled with scream filling? I wonder when I cut it open will it bleed? Only one way to find out.Time to put this treat on the slab.


Now lets cut this sucker open.


The screaming was not as loud as you would think. And the scream filling? Look like cream filling. Bah! Now for something very sinister. A Halloween treat..that expires 5 days before Halloween!


And now…a little something for the guys….

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  2. hmm. Well great minds? I thought about not posting them, but I had bought them and I couldn’t justify eating these things without writing about them. At least we had different brands 🙂

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