Skyball…Never let it hit the ground!

Before it was an amazing bouncing ball by Maui Toys, Skyball was a net and ball set that I could never seem to get the hang of in the late eighties. Here is how I came to try it out. A friend of mine was really into frisbee and we would head to the park once a week to chat and throw the disc back and forth. He was getting really good at catching it really fancy-like and I enjoyed setting him up for his acrobatics.

Then one day he showed up with this Skyball set and we burned an entire afternoon trying to figure out why it should be fun. Catching it in the net is sort of fun, but I found the whole practice very tedious and rather jarring. It is like lacrosse, I guess since I never played it, without the convenience of the stick. My friend quickly got frustrated with me for not taking Skyball seriously and from that point on he asked a more athletic buddy of ours to Skyball with him. When I tagged along all I could do was sit under a tree and watch them attempt to do things they assured me were amazing, but to me just looked silly.

The commercial for Skyball is much cooler than the actual toy…

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