Slice Apple Soda was delicious

Slice Apple Soda was delicious

Oh how I miss Slice Apple Soda. When I was going through my Slice drinking phase in the 1980s, I was briefly smitten with their Apple flavor and it set me down a life long path of drinking apple flavored soft drinks including Snapple’s Apple soda (when it was available) and nowadays Mexico’s Sidral Mundet.

I have never been able to figure out why the apple seems to get so disrespected in the carbonated beverage department, but in this country it can’t seem to break orange and grape’s stranglehold on fruit-flavored soft drinks.

The supermarket I frequent installed a fridge that just carries small brand sodas. Every month new sodas from small companies. Eagerly I paw through the bottles looking for someone taking a chance on apple. Every month, I find nothing and make my way to the Sidral.

For those who do not remember Apple Slice, here is a classic ad for the beverage.

Watch this commercial for Slice Apple Soda

Slice in a glass bottle is a joy in which I never got to partake.

Am I the only one who enjoyed the carbonated mellow sweetness of apple? Is this a massive oversight on the part of soft drink makers? If you love apple soda or miss Slice Apple, I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Justin M. Salvato

    Honestly, never knew it existed, so not sure if I would be apart of that statistic that only gave orange and grape a shot.

  2. patokev

    It was my favorite soda in school. Really miss it and I too never experienced out of a bottle.

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