Slot Car Racing with the ThunderCats

When you think of slot car racing, I am sure just one things comes to mind…

Thunder…Thunder… Thundercats Ho!

In the mid-eighties, at the height of ThunderCats fever, Tyco released the Thundercats: Race To The Eye of Thundera electric racing set and if you blinked, you probably missed it. Which is sad because it was wonderful.

I had a friend who was a huge fan of the show and this racing set was his holy grail. It was the one thing he asked for his birthday in 1987 and instead he got a bike. From the way he tells the story, he is very bitter about that bike.

As an adult, he finally got his dream set, but does he let me play with it? No!! Instead I can see all the pieces and how pretty the box is, as along as I don’t touch any of it. Oh well, I didn’t want to play this his stupid set anyway, I am content to just sit back and enjoy this commercial about how the set works.

AHHHH! I must play this! Thunder Tank! Jumps! Caves! This thing has it all.

I will say that despite the apparent amazingness of this set, they did make some odd choices. The first is having Lion-O drive the Thunder Tank when that was Panthro’s thing. Okay, I get it, they need to use the star of the show to sell this thing, but then when they choose a villain they pick Slithe over Mumm-Ra? That is just crazy.

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