Spooky Orange Pringles for Halloween

Spooky Orange Pringles for Halloween

It is almost Halloween so that must mean its time for some Orange Food. If you go to the Supermarket you will see a bunch of food died all the colors of the Halloween rainbow. Green, orange, green, all the colors are represented. Today we take a look at Spooky Pringles.

Like all oxygen-consuming humans I love Pringles. Especially when I am in Transylvania on my way to visit my Crazy Uncle Mustache. Think about it. Its a tube of potato chips. All perfectly formed. All …oh wait. What did that road sign, that we just passed, say? Oh well, I best taste one of these chips. Oh, these aren’t chips. They are crisps.

I was so overwhelmed with potato flavor that I forgot that they weren’t potato chips. Based on the flavor I am not sure what the difference is, but they sure are crispy. Mmmmmm. Perhaps my driver knows what crisps are.

“Oh Driver. Do you know what a Potato crisp is?”

“Nossir, I does not.”

“You don’t. Oh well. I guess it doesn’t matter. Oh I am going to see My Uncle Mustache at Pringle Castle. A Picture? Sure, but all I have is this old photo from the 1930s.

How rude. After seeing my photo of Uncle Mustache the driver crossed himself and threw my bags to the side of the road. Wonder what got into him. I guess I will have to walk the rest of the way to Pringle Castle by myself. Luckily I packed a pringle snack pack for the journey. It should sustain me on the long journey.

Interesting the crisps have turned Orange. It must be this foggy Transylvanian air. They look odd, but they still taste delicious. And even though the orange makes me think they will be cheese flavored. I am not at all disappointed. Not in the least! Although cheese might have been nice…. What the hell were they thinking?!? Just add some cheese for the love of Benji!!

I am obsessing, but as it is written on the “Mustache Family Crest”, “Nothing like obsession to pass the time” (it sounds more impressive in Latin).

Oh look. On the horizon. Its Pringle Castle and it looks glorious. Now all I have to do is spend the night and I will inherit Uncle Mustache’s fortune. I’ll cya all in the morning.

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