Star Trek Helmet – Be the Spock

What this helmet has to do with Spock is beyond me. Yes, I know it will never fit my giant head, but I can tell you this. One of these helmets is in the mail and on its way to its new owner, ME. I am finally a somebody! I will own a Star Trek Helmet!

When I was growing up an older kid on my block was a giant Star Trek fan. He had every toy imaginable, including this helmet. While he was much older than me, he let me see and play with his collection often. Still, the Star Trek Helmet was always off limits. It just sat on a shelf next to the box it came in.

Thinking back on this, I realize that I never questioned our age difference. He was maybe a decade older than me, but Star Trek fandom does not recognize age. That, and I was the only other Star Trek fan in a multi-block radius. It makes me smile to think of this young man, about to graduate from high school having a fun exploring imaginary planets with a kid who was just starting elementary school.

My sister informed me a few weeks ago that this guy had passed away. I was sad to think that someone with such a vibrant imagination is no longer with us. But I will I will always cherish the memories of the great times I had with the Captain of the Starship New Jersey.

A wise person once said, “He’s not really dead. As long as we remember him.”

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  1. ctupa

    I can picture you wearing this while you do your computer magic!

  2. Brian Boone

    Well, at least it’s the “official” helmet with his name on it that Spock never wore on the show.

  3. VicSage2005

    Wear this during an unfortunate disaster and I predict two possible outcomes.

    1) You will be the first person rescued.

    2) You will be crowned King after the disaster.

    Possibly even both.

  4. vinvectrex

    Excellent helmet! But, I implore toy companies everywhere – start building headgear for the massive noggin gentleman. I for one, am tired of helmets, hats, etc that conform to “normal” sized heads….

  5. chuckie

    I’m ashamed to say I actually owned one of these. It came with stick on letters, so you could make your own name. Not as cool as Shogun Warriors. 🙁

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