Star Wars: Yoda Stories

Released on the PC in March of 1997 and on the Gameboy two years later, Star Wars: Yoda Stories is one of the most maligned of the Star Wars game titles. That is probably because unlike many other gaming titles, Yoda Stories has no central plot or definitive goal. Instead it is a collection of mini-games where the player, controlling Luke Skywalker has to complete an objective like rescuing someone or obtaining an object.

Each game starts with Luke arriving at Dagobah in an X-Wing. If the player is still a rookie, R2-D2 can be picked up, and dropped anytime for hints. After being found, Yoda gives Luke an assignment and an objective that Luke will be required to complete. Each game world is composed of 100 screens, but the number of active screens can be set in the options menu. To progress in the game, the player must make errands, such as finding a key, or an object, until he reaches the final puzzle.

When I picked it up, I was hoping it would be like Legend of Zelda, but with Star Wars. I quickly realized it was not. An although I was disappointed, after a few rounds of playing I did not have too many complaints, it was not a deep game, but like solitaire it was a fun little distraction. Plus I really liked the sound and music. Great late 90s fun.

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  1. I have this cartridge for my GameBoy Color. After reading your post I think it’s time for me to blow the dust off the cartridge and play it for a little while 🙂

  2. I have very few PC games & only 1 actual gameboy cartridge. I do however have a slew of gameboy roms & an emulator. I never heard of this game before, but I went & played the GB rom now. All I can say about it is that the controls are clunky & horrible. The controls are so bad that I have no idea what the game itself is like, it’s just too damned hard to try to play.

  3. I wanted to give this a try, but never got around to it. Am I correct in thinking there was an Indiana Jones one too – same design, but set in Indy’s world?

  4. I liked Yoda Stories on the PC…

    Wouldn’t mind playing it again. They should release something similar to it as an app now. That would be cool.

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