Sweet Sweet Chocodiles!

When we last left our hero he had hit the Hostess thrift outlets and couldn’t find any Chocodiles. His emails to IBC weren’t answered. He was so desperate he had begun sprinkling Quick on his breakfast Twinkies. Of course when things look their darkest a beam of light cuts through the fog. That beam of light was Hometown Treats DOT COM.

I had gone their earlier and did a search on Chocodiles. Nothing. I decided to browse by region and when I hit the midwest. Pow! Chocodiles! Before you could say, “Its been a while…”. I had ordered two boxes.

A week passed and I got a confusing confirmation e-mail and a week after that a dented box was delivered via UPS. The UPS folks must have wanted to try a delicious creme filled choc, but they were repulesed by Hometown treats use of tape to keep the box closed. I ripped the box open and took inventory.

– 16 chocodiles. 5 Smooshed
– 2 boxes. Both dented

Well, beggars can’t be choosers, but I still sent an angry email to the Hometown Treats folks and still haven’t gotten a response.

Enough of the bad. Its all good now. I ate the busted chocs first. Although I could have sucked them through a straw, I still enjoyed them. The other 11 I am savoring.

Enjoy the Chocodile Gallery








..so happy…

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