Teem Soda was Delicious

When I was a kid and was not feeling well, my mother would ply me with lemon lime soda. I am not sure why, but it always made me feel better and did not have any caffeine that would keep me awake. Even now when I don’t feel good, I start thinking about that sweet Lemon Lime taste of sodas like 7 up, Bubble Up and my favorite at the time Teem. Teem was a lemon-lime-flavored soft drink produced by The Pepsi-Cola Company, introduced in 1964, it was Pepsi’s answer to 7 Up. Teem was largely replaced by Slice in the mid 1980s, but lingered into the 1990s in some markets. Now Teem only lives on in memories and classic ads and commercials that you can find online. For example this ad and many like it can be found at The Museum of Beverage Containers and Advertising.

teem ad

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  1. Jason K.

    I never had a chance to try Teem, but I think I have an old Teem bottle around here somewhere….

  2. The Retroist

    It was a good Lemon-Lime soda. Had a nice crisp taste and decent carbonation if I remember right.

  3. Peachy

    The ad makes it look so refreshing… Who on earth though that ‘Teem’ was a good name for food? “see this lemon-lime Martha? its teeming with…”

  4. Rachael

    We found an original teem lemon drink bottle under our home when replacing floors. Didn’t know what it was till now. Thank you for the info!

  5. David M. Holdren

    I LOVED Teem! Our high school football coach (and science teacher) had a pop machine in his classroom, and all but one of the slots was filled with Teem…the other slot being Pepsi. The guys would line up down the hall to buy some (this was back in the mid 1970’s). I miss it, but can’t fly down to South America to buy some, since it is still produced there.

  6. Joe L.

    Ahh, yes. Teem was a good soda though 7 Up was and always will be the king of lemonlime, carbondated drinks. It had a very pleasant, subdued lemony taste though it didn’t have the bite of 7 Up. I remember when Pepsi replaced it with Slice, I was very disappointed. Slice, which was okay, had a wierd, apple taste that competed with the lemonlime taste, going down.

  7. Clyde J.

    Teem made the best ice cream float, better than root beer. None of the other lemon-lime drinks taste as good.

  8. Miles

    When i was a kid, maybe 7-8 years old i used to drink Teem like it was going out of style! I remember an old restaraunt in the next town over called tote-a-burger and they had it as a fountain drink. You could get a cherry Teem there and to this day the closest I can find is a cherry sprite at sonic. Its close but not exactly the same. I really miss Teem alot still and its been what 25 years? Lol

  9. Alphons Evers

    While digging in front of my house, looking for a water leak, I came across an old bottle. The writing was not in good shape, but I was able to determine that it was Teem. This has been burried since 1967, when the house was completed. Is there any value to this?

  10. Canuck Matt

    Loved this stuff! Teem I miss you. Quarter in the teem machine at the local golf club…the highlight of the day when I was a kid! ….ahh the memory. Great to see images online. Now we just need a way to taste online!

  11. teresa

    OMG cherry teem was the best soda combo ever. I really miss it.

  12. Mav

    Teem was awesome. I still remember it. This ski resort in town had it as a fountain drink and I would always get it. This was in the early ’90s too, so Teem did survive a bit longer than some may think. I’d love to try one now to see if it was as good as I remember. And the funny thing is, 7Up and Sprite do nothing for me. They’re very blah and I would never choose to drink them. But Teem was delicious.

  13. json

    Okay I may going out on limb here, but my wife bought a 2 liter of Summit Citrus Twist from the grocery store chain Aldis, and when I tried it “Teem” was the first thing I thought of, I am fairly certain that I haven’t thought of Teem since the 70’s. That’s how I found the Retroist. If you have an Aldis near you buy a bottle of their generic lemon lime soda and see if I am right. FYI if you have never been to Aldis it is worth a visit. Most of the stuff there is fairly good.

  14. Dona Kaler

    I wish Pepsi would bring TEEM back!!!

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