Telezonia (1974)


This AT&T propaganda, I mean educational film, from 1974 is about 4 kids who think the phone is “good for nothing” until they are shrunk down and are introduced to the “wonders” of the telephone by Telly, who magically transports them to “Telezonia” (which may or may not be near Chicago). In Telezonia the kids are taught about phone technology and how to use various types of phone with music and weird people in costumes. Close your eyes and picture a glittering blue and white Sid and Marty Krofft-like world – now take a pin hammer and hit yourself on the head until you can’t feel things anymore – now your in Telezonia.

By the end of the film, these kids who “never learned the phone” are completely dependent upon phone technology to perform even the simplest of tasks. Thus ensuring a future generation of cellphone shackled communication addicts (like me).

Telezonia is actually a remake of a 1949 original, “Adventure in Telezonia”. I would love to get my hands on that version.

Thanks to Rich Carreiro for emailing me this gem.

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  1. Tammy

    They used to show us that every year in grade school, they also had practice phones for us to learn on after the film, I never thought I would see it again, I punched into my search and it actually came up!! Thanks for the walk down memory lane!!

  2. Rich Carreiro

    You asked for it! 🙂

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