The Guardians Angels had a Comic Book?

When I was a young teen, my friend and I decided to head into Manhattan for the day and took a ride on the subway. About 30 seconds after we left the station a guy sitting across from us stood up and started screaming. It was complete nonsense and was terrifying. What was even scarier is that he kept inching closer and closer.

I was just about to spring from my seat and run to the other end of the car when the door to the other car opened and two young men dressed in weird outfits with berets stepped out. The screaming guys’ attention suddenly became focused on them, which was a huge relief, but they didn’t just want his attention. They wanted to ensure that he did not refocus on us. So they got close to him and more importantly in front of us. We got out at the next stop and I never thanked those Angels for their actions.

Was this guy going to attack us? Probably not, but it was nice to know that in a scary situation like that, someone cared enough to make sure things did not escalate.

I had no idea that they ever made a comic book for The Guardian Angels, but If I did, I might have picked it up. It would have been a nice reminder, as the years went by, of those subway heroes that made me feel a little safer.


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  1. RetroArt

    The GAs were a common sight on the subways and around touristy areas of NYC when I was in college in Manhattan during the late 80s.
    During my college years I had to take the subway at some late, sketchy times and wished the GAs were onboard the same train then.
    Perhaps the Guardian Angels kept banker’s hours?

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