The Mandalorian Glasses from Burger King

The Mandalorian Glasses from Burger King

Do you remember the thrill of going to a fast-food restaurant when you were a kid? It was not a regular happening for my family. So when we did it was a celebration. Sitting there eating my burger and fries with my family, I didn’t think life could get any better.

Then restaurants started offering collector glasses for my favorite movies and TV shows. Suddenly these visits to McDonald’s and Burger King became more urgent. Would supplies run out? Could I collect them all?

Most of the time I would get one glass in a set before the offer expired, but my combined collection was treasured. As movies and TV shows continue to be released, I keep hoping that these collector’s glasses will reappear. Sadly, I think those days are behind us.

Recently I started watching The Mandalorian on Disney Plus, and like many people, I am enjoying it very much. This got me dreaming of what a collector’s glass release for this show might look like and I mocked up this placemat from their Empire Strikes Back release.

I am not a great artist, but I think it captures the spirit of one of these releases.

Hopefully, it will inspire some other artists to mock up something more professionally.

I have spoken.

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  1. Mark Derksen

    VERY nice mock up. I remember when they had Ninja Turtle collector cups at BK. They were only plastic, but I wanted them SO BAD.

    1. Retroist

      I collected a lot of those plastic cups as well. Not sure why, but I never showed them the respect I showed the glasses. Wish I had held onto all of them.

  2. Matt Bolton

    It fooled me for a minute, you got me all excited! I hate Burger King, but I would go and buy whatever to get those glasses. I wonder why they all stopped doing that.

    1. Retroist

      I would as well.

      This show seems to be riding high, I am surprised at how little tie-in exists.

  3. Mike Bowsher

    Awww man I thought this was real, I was about to go to BK to pick these up. Loved the old glasses from Burger King and Hardee’s.

  4. Mike Bowsher

    Also AMAZING job on the mock up, looked real to me!

    1. Retroist

      Thanks Mike! I wish they were real as well. I am enjoying the show a great deal and would enjoy expanding on that fandom while being able to have an excuse to eat more fast food.

  5. Great art, I love the idea of BK or McDonald’s bringing back collectible glasses. I will buy the old ones when I see them for a few bucks at an antique store or flea market. I’ve been drinking out of the BK Luke Skywalker glass for months now.

    1. Retroist

      I also buy the old ones and use them. When I say that to people who collect that horrifies them. I am glad I am not alone in doing this.

  6. vinvectrex

    Take my money! These look great. I still have our Empire glasses, although they have been very well-used. I remember we were on a family road trip that summer they came out, and we seemed stop in every town that didn’t have a Burger King.

  7. Ken

    Those mock-ups do look good. I used to get glasses whenever I could. I’m pretty sure I have some recalled lead painted Shrek glasses somewhere. The lack of Mandalorian merchandise is perplexing. They really could have cashed in on baby Yodas this holiday season.

  8. Buruko

    The last glass marketing they did was for the Star Trek reboot, but they had a recall on them cause the paint was toxic. I think they decided it wasn’t worth the headache to keep doing them after that, but man I’d go get these in a heart beat.

    1. Retroist

      I remember when these were being talked about and how excited I was to try and get them. I also remember all these blogs talking about how many of the collectible glasses they released in the 70s/80s have higher levels of lead. Never investigated that fully.

  9. Jack

    This would be awesome! Still have all of the Empire and Jedi ones. My parents, being antique store owners, wouldn’t let me drink out of them for “Collectors” sake. So they are still looking fresh!

    1. Retroist

      Every Friday, when a new episode is released, I think how many sets of glasses I would be buying if it were real. Mine do not look as fresh, which I have occasional regrets about.

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