The Mickey Mouse Phone – A Dream Deferred


When I was 8 years old I got a hand me down black and white television in my bedroom. I didn’t care that everyone in the world had a color TV. I was a TV addict and my black and white ran nearly 24/7. From early morning news right into late night television. I would fall asleep with my TV on and wake up to its gray glow. Having my own TV was a dream come true, but it wasn’t my only dream .

I am not sure where I saw it the first time, but I always wanted a Mickey Mouse phone (that’s just how cool a kid I was). I know I saw them on TV first, but I distinctly remember playing with one of these at a local mall and being awestruck by its awesomeness, which is a lot of awe. I was 16 when I finally got a phone line in my room and by then I was just happy to get the basic tan phone that I got. Still whenever I went near a Spencer Gifts I instinctively went to my old pal Mickey.

Now its many years later and I had nearly pushed this consumer memory down deep enough to move on with my life when suddenly a commercial for “Design Line” phone dredges up all my Disney phone desires (commercial was removed from online). Since I don’t use a land line anymore I am not sure if I should buy one of these phones, but for those who are interested you can pick up one of these babies for under $20 on eBay.

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