The Retroist on G4TV – Cyclon Love Songs is #1 on “Around the Net”


I am pretty sure they picked it as #1 so they could do their skit about the Cyclon Dating Game, bug I don’t care. I am very happy to get a mention on the show. Here is the dating game they ran after mention of the song.

Here is the song they played…

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  1. Kill Screen 256

    Gratz man.
    I would say something bad about ATOS, but don’t want to take away from your honor.

  2. The Sexy Armpit

    I wasn’t sure if they were definitely referring to you or not but that’s freaking AWESOME. I’m not sure about any of what you guys are talking about but I LOVE AOTS…I watch it everyday. Awesome to get props from them!

  3. Old School

    Congrats on the mention. Very cool when you know your work is getting noticed like that.

  4. The Retroist

    Thanks guys – It wasn’t a mention of the podcast, but I will take it. I have gotten a few dozen emails already asking for the “full” album. I will have to see what I can do about that.

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