The Retroist T-Shirt Plan


Over the years I have had a bunch of requests for some sort of Retroist t-shirt. I have been looking into it for just about as long and I think I am finally going to pull the trigger and get some ordered up. I will not be ordering many, but I would like to get an idea of who might want one and in what size? Here is what I know about the shirt so far (I will finalize it this weekend).

– The shirt will be black and unisex
– It will have text on it. Simple and retro. The site does not have an icon or mascot. So I will keep true to the site experience. When I have the “design” done, I will post it here.
– I will have them printed locally and will ship them out myself to try to keep costs down.
– I will take Paypal I guess. Not sure of another widely used method for payment that I have access to.
– Wearing them will make you the envy of all the members of your social groups. Expect promotions at work while wearing it and much attention from potential love interests**.

So that is what I got so far. More info next week for those interested. If you have questions, concerns or would like to reserve a shirt you can email me at

** Shirt does not have magical powers, please do not wear it at work or while trying to find love.

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  1. TinTod

    I’ll order one, despite the lack of magical powers.

  2. Justin M. Salvato

    Hmm… what will the shirt say…

    Never been a fan of shirts with big text on front, rather, small something in front, big something in back, but that’s your call.

    Still, curious as to what it will say… or show… or do…

  3. The Retroist

    I have been told, that if you believe in a t-shirt hard enough, it unlocks its magical potential. I have been trying to prove this since I was a kid and have wasted hundreds of my favorite shirts to best friend/snowman related wishing.

    Justin – It will not be the height of T-shirt fashion, but it will be “retro”. I hope people can appreciate it from the point of view. If not, I will have a new wardrobe for myself 🙂

  4. Spotted Feather

    I’d love a shirt, but unfortunately, I probably wouldn’t be able to get one from you. I wanted to get a shirt from 80stees, but there were nowhere near long enough. Oh, well.

  5. VintageVolts

    If you want a good retro look in the t-shirt, you should try and get it in that silvery glitter vinyl material, with a silkscreened image printed on it, that gets adhered to the shirt with a heat press. That style was all the rage in the early 80’s.

  6. The Retroist

    VintageVolts – I will look into that silvery material. I had many shirts.

    Spotter Feather – Do you need a shirt in an Extra Long?

  7. sjgeek89

    I will wear one proudly Sir.

  8. Michael Potter

    Don’t mind if I do buy this shirt in size XL which may or may not bestow upon me all my desires.

  9. Les Orchard

    I would like an extra large! Do they still sell those puffy iron-on letters?

  10. Atari Adventure Square

    Does the shirt come in square-shape?
    eh…I’ll *still* take one.

    All kidding aside, this is a great idea.
    Looking forward to it!

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