This Eighties Family really loved the New York Times

I grew up in the shadow of Manhattan and back then the New York Times was a mysterious and seemingly “high-end” publication. Therefore it very rarely made an appearance in my childhood, but I do remember the first time I opened a copy of the Times, because it was very disappointing.

It was summer and I remember because my Grandmother wasn’t feeling well and I was asked to stay home and help take care of her instead of swimming in my friend’s new pool. At some point before lunch, she decided to send me on a cigarette run and since nothing good was on the TV she told me buy her a copy of the Sunday New York Times. It was huge and carrying it home I could only imagine how large the funny pages were going to be and how much enjoyment I was going to get out of them. Heck, they might even have comics I had never seen before! Imagine my surprise when after my Grandmother had spread that paper out on the coffee and I discovered that is contained no comics at all.

All the news that’s fit to print? Bah! I will take a good laugh from Marmaduke over that any day of the week.

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