This might be the finest retro commercial for Fake Snake-skinned Shoes

Did you ever wish that you had snake skinned shoes, but were terrified that those shoes could somehow bite you? This seemed to be a problem that needed addressing in the past and luckily Simco was ready to step up and present an attractive shoe for all those snake-skin loving, but snake fearing shoe fans out there.

In this classic ad, which is very informational, the president of Simco, Joe Warner, tells you about his “fake snakes” while holding a real snake. The commercial takes an odd approach to selling these handsome shoes. Now either Joe is really trying to reassure you that his shoes are entirely snake-free and therefore safer than real snake-skin or he is just having fun with name of his “snakes” line of shoes. I prefer to think it is the former. It pleases me greatly to think of people standing in shoe stores, trembling with fear as they attempt to stick their feet in a pair of shoes. Perhaps wondering if those high-heels will dispense cobra venom or those moccasins will crush their toes like a boa constrictor.

I would think the better sales approach might be to sell the shoes as animal friendly.

No snakes were killed in the making of these shoes.

Maybe they tested that out and realized that more people are terrified of snakes that they are sympathetic to their plight?

Whatever is going on here, it is a great piece of advertising. Simco shoes still exists. It is currently located in Sparks Nevada and sell over 35 different shoe styles. Although it is unclear just how many of them are “fake snake.”