TSR’s Star Frontiers – Join the Galactic Legions

My TSR catalog post went over so well last week that I thought I would post a great Star Frontiers ad from 1982. The ad features 2 humans and one of my favorite in-game races the Yazirians. Why were they my favorite? Because they had the best attributes of both bats AND Wookiees.

My friends and I usually played Star Frontiers after a sci-fi weekend on WPIX or if needed a break from the real money game “Top Secret”. For those of you not familiar, Star Frontiers was TSR’s 2nd attempt at a Sci-Fi themed RPG (yes I played Metamorphosis Alpha). What was cool about it was that it stepped away from the d20 system and instead used a percentile system for gameplay. Before I discovered dice-less RPG play. I preferred percentiles to d20.


——-Start Random D&D Quote——-

Golem: Golem destroy intruders.
Bobby: Oh yeah? Not before I do a Steve Garvey number on your nose!

——-End Random D&D Quote——-


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  1. Metal Misfit

    A bit before my time when this came out (I was only 1!). I never really got into the role playing game, never knew anyone else who was either until I moved away and THAT was when some of my friends started it.

    I did play the dice wrestling game called Champions of the Galaxy though. =)

  2. Markus

    Damn – I played the sh*t out of Star Frontiers! For some reason we ended up campaigning this game instead of AD&d or anything else..probably cuz we were really young and it was pretty simple. Fav characters: a human named Shawn Vard and a Dralasite named Arbodaliasis Yorn haha man I was a nerd before I discovered the many virtues of shredding metal on the six-string Axe ov Hell \,,/

  3. OffisaPups

    I loved Star Frontiers. It was my first true Sci-Fi Pencil and Paper RPG game. It still lives on through the great D20 Modern (D20 Future) system which I really REALLY wish Wizards would still put out books or maybe make a 2nd Edition. Instead we get D&D 4 Ed (which is a great game, but the worse thing for it is that is it called D&D. If 4th Ed was a new property, it would be a hot new thing, not a target of nerd hatred)

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