Watch Comet TV without a TV

Watch Comet TV without a TV

This weekend I sat down to watch Comet TV. It is an over the air station that usually comes in very crisply, but for some reason, my signal was terrible. I was going to turn on a movie when I remembered that you could watch Comet TV online on their website. This is great, but and I was about to play around with casting the browser via Chromecast, when I saw a link to new Comet TV apps.

Being a Roku user, I was very happy to see Comet making an effort to appear on that underrated platform. I grabbed my remote and searched for an installed the Comet TV Roku App. It took just a few seconds. Moments later I was streaming Comet TV and now had another option for watching this great channel.

Now, I normally get a decent signal, but I have lots of friends who do not have Comet TV in their area. This app and the one they also released for Apple TV will give them the ability to watch the same great programming I have been enjoying. So Comet fans rejoice. You now have at least 4 ways to enjoy this channel and I am sure more are on the horizon.

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About Comet TV

If this is the first time you are hearing about Comet TV, I suggest you run over to their website or check your local listings. Comet TV is well-curated Science Fiction channel. Not only does it show great rare films and cult classics, but it runs quality shows like Stargate and Mystery Science Theater 3000. They are everything I want in a Sci-Fi TV broadcaster and everything I had hoped the old Sci-Fi Channel (now SyFy) would have been.

Want to know what is on Comet tonight? Check out their programming schedule. This morning I woke up to them broadcasting the Doctor Goldfoot films with Vincent Price. It made it very difficult for me to get off the couch and go to work.