Which Duncan Yo-Yo did you want?


It might not surprise anyone who reads this blog to learn that I went through a Yo-Yo phase. I had a green Duncan Butterfly that I inherited from my sister that I carried around with me for about 2 years when I was in grade school. Whenever I was bored I would pull out ol’ Greenie and practice. After two years you would think I would be decent, but I was not. Even after sitting in our local Five and Dime and reading a book on mastering the Duncan, I couldn’t even master the most basic tricks.

I talked to my sister about it and she remembered getting into the Yo-Yo after a Yo-Yo team came to her school for an assembly. She even thinks that very Yo-Yo might have been given to her for volunteering for some trick.

A few years ago, I bought a new Duncan and started playing around with it. It came with a trick book and I focused on the simpler one and surprise, I am still horrible at the Yo-Yo.

Here is a mid-1970’s ad for Duncan that probably launched a thousand 18th Level Yo-Yo Wizards. Sadly I was not one of them…

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  1. I still have my butterfly yoyo. After all you are never to old for a yo-yo.

  2. Die-hard Butterfly fan also. If the yo-yo halves are set apart at JUST the right distance, you can do some crazy tricks, with the yo-yo landing on the string and doing flips and what-not. Usually, the gap is too narrow, so you have to widen it using brute force. It’s worth the effort. Try getting the old Duncan “yo-yo and spin top trick book.” You’ll be amazed at what you can do.

    There were two Duncans I hated. One was the Professional, a thinline model designed for looping. I had several over the years and they would never return to me. The other was the “Melyodee,” which was basically a hollow Butterfly with an electronic musical gizmo in one half of the yo-yo. That caused it to be horribly unbalanced, resulting in a worthless piece of junk.

  3. I also hated the musical one. Not only was the sound annoying, but you couldnt do squat with it!

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