Why Gino’s Hamburgers?? Why?!


Once a month my Mom needed to go to some office on an errand and would take me along (this is when I was very young.) The whole time I would be begging to go to McDonald’s or Burger King, since I knew they were both in the area. Without fail though, she would insist on going to Gino’s. Where I would get one of their weird long jumbo burgers and complain the whole time. I asked her why, we went there a few years ago and the answer was simple. She wanted their chicken and she knew I wanted a burger, so she was trying to do both. Cursed chicken!!

I actually knew very little about the chain until I stumbled on this very informational description on this commercial:

Gino’s Hamburgers was a fast-food restaurant chain founded in Baltimore, Maryland, by Baltimore Colts defensive end Gino Marchetti and running back Alan Ameche, along with their close friend Louis Fischer, in 1957. In Dundalk, Maryland, just outside Baltimore, it got its official name in 1959 when the owners brought on Colts’ captain Gino Marchetti. It was an East Coast regional fast food restaurant and had 359 company-owned locations when they were acquired by Marriott Corporation in 1982. Marriott discontinued the brand and converted locations to their Roy Rogers Restaurants chain.

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  1. You should thank your mother, for now you have a story. And I thank her because I’ve never heard of this place, but I love that commercial.

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