Wild Cherry M&M’s


The hybrid candy keeps-a-marching on. I guess a few years ago M&M’s saturation must have reached a critical state, because they just started doing all sorts of crazy things with the melt in your mouth candy. Some I really liked – some..not so much:

– Almonds= not bad
– White Chocolate = surprisingly good
– Peanut Butter = Awesome!
– Crispy = ehh

Now I am walking through the AM/PM and I spotted Wild Cherry M&M’s. When I spied the package I had a vision of tiny cherry cordials in a hard candy shell. I am not a big fan of the cherry cordial. Not that they are that bad – I just prefer other candies when I have a choice.

As usual, when I get lost in thought like this, my body just did whatever it wanted and before I knew it I was in the parking lot. In my hands was a 128 oz Mountain Dew, a carton of Hostess Snowballs and a package of these Cherry M&Ms. Damn my body!

I decided that Dew and Snowballs could wait until later and ripped open the M&Ms. The first thing you are struck with is the light cherry aroma. Not bad. Kind of like a cherry soda scent. The M&Ms themselves are actually the large format M&Ms that have become common lately. Of course they are all cherry red.

Now for the taste. At first bite its they chocolate and cherry flavors don’t taste like their properly “mixed”. Which of course is a turnoff, but give it a second. Let them work their “melt in your mouth” magic and you will not be disappointed. The cherry and chocolate seem to find an equilibrium after a small amount of chewing and the end result is actually kind of pleasant. More like a Black Forest cake than a cherry cordial. This made my brain very happy (he loves cake).

Cherry M&Ms are a pretty nice addition to the M&M family in the same way that Cherry Coke is a nice addition to the Coca-Cola family. It won’t replace Classic Coke, but it makes for a nice change of pace every once in a while.

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