Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit Gum Commercial – The Extended Cut

I am sure you are all familiar with the classic Juicy Fruit commercials That goes a little something like this…

A classic ad that captures perfectly the lifestyle of chewers of the sweetest gum on earth, Juicy Fruit. Did you know that their is actually a longer version of the same commercial? Ready for more sweet Juicy Fruit magic…well get your skis shined up and hit play…

If that was not enough “Gum chewing in the Sun Fun” for you here are two more version of the commercial with all new exotic activities, Skiing (Mountain) and Boogie Boarding!

I have now listened to this commercial a few dozen times and what I had not realized was that they are actually giving instruction on how to chew gum in this ad. I wish someone would record a new version with much more detail instructions.

Grab a Stick…Pull it Out..Unwrap it now…put it in your mouth. Start chewing. Start opening another piece. Uh oh, now the flavors gone. Repeat the process.

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  1. Patrick J. Doody

    I loved these spots when I was kid – especially when that beach chick took her sweatshirt off. That was about as close to XXX material as I got back in the 80s.

    Anyway, interesting note about any Wrigley’s commercial. Notice the very particular way they put the gum in the mouth? A friend of mine auditioned for a Wrigley’s commercial many years ago and told me it’s actually referred to as “The Wrigley Fold” and you had to perform it as part of an audition. They actually brought in all the hopeful gum chewers in the the room for a brief tutorial.

    There were two components to your performance.

    First, you put the gum in your mouth using The Wrigley Fold. You then pause for a moment of refreshment….and then go about your business.

  2. The vibe of these Juicy Fruit commercials was not unlike those of print ads for cigarettes back then: Active, young, attractive people enjoying the most of out life in the great outdoors (cf. “Alive with Pleasure”).

    At least Juicy Fruit is a lot less detrimental to all those things than tobacco!

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