“You the Human Animal” starring Jiminy Cricket

“You the Human Animal” starring Jiminy Cricket

Allow me to tell you about some of my best days in elementary school. You would enter the classroom and see the film projector setup. At that point, you would think, “Hooray, its a film day! I wonder what they will be showing today? Please let it be a Disney production!”

You take your seat at your desk and the lights go off. The projector crackles and roars to life. Tinny music issues from the too-small speaker and you instantly know it is Disney.

Its You the Human Animal with Jiminy Cricket. Yes! I could watch Jiminy all day!

In You the Human Animal, Jiminy Cricket explains how man resembles and differs from other animals. He puts special emphasis on our use of language, the use of reason, and our awesome opposable thumbs.

Released in 1955, You the Human Animal was part of a series of Jiminy Cricket education shorts that were released in the Fifties. The others are:

  • You and the Living Machine (1957)
  • You and Your Senses of Smell and Taste (1956)
  • You and Your Eyes (1956)
  • You and Your Ears (1956)
  • You and Your Five Senses (1955)
  • You and Your Food (1955)
  • You and Your Sense of Touch (1955)

All of these films would make an appearance during my childhood schooling. After watching them, out teacher would ask a series of questions, randomly calling on kids. It was one of the few times where I would constantly raise my hand and try to answer. Proof that Jiminy Cricket was an amazing teacher.

Jiminy was voiced by Cliff Edwards. He would voice Jiminy starting with the release of Pinocchio in 1940 until his death in 1971. After him, the role would be taken over by Eddie Carroll.

Edwards also played the part of one of the crows in Dumbo (1941) and sang the memorable “When I See An Elephant Fly.”

This video is from an original 16mm copy and has been transferred for your HD viewing pleasure.

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